Sitoo Retail POS

Cloud-based point of sale that makes physical stores digital

Sitoo is a platform that can handle retailers with stores in several countries as well as large transaction volumes. With Sitoo POS system, physical stores are integrated with e-commerce – all sales channels are connected in real-time and have synchronized product, stock and customer data. And with mobile POS and self-checkout, among other things, a greater focus is placed on the customer experience in the store.


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Mobile POS

With mobile point of sale (mPOS), sales associates can move around freely within the store, serving customers directly in the sales dialog. Associates have more information about the product and with access to all stocks, they are also able to sell products that are only available in other stores or online.


In addition to being a sales tool, the sales associates can manage incoming deliveries, outgoing shipments and inventory directly on their cell phones. With the POS as an app for the iPad or iPhone, it’s also easy to increase the number of registers per store. Digital receipts and mobile payment methods provide completely new possibilities, and several POS devices can share payment terminals and receipt printers if needed.

New and traditional payment methods

Sitoo is a pioneer when it comes to handling new payment solutions and was, among other things, the first to launch Klarna Checkout in physical stores. The POS system has standard integrations for card terminal providers such as Verifone, Bambora and Adyen. In addition, the system can manage cash, invoicing, gift cards, store credit, down payments, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and much more.



Sitoo POS includes self-checkout. Stores no longer need to lose sales due to long lines at the registers. It’s easy for customers to pay for their goods themselves, and the sales associates have more time to provide service.


“90% of sales go through the self-checkout registers and the average purchase has increased by 10%. Self-checkout has led to a boost for our entire company.”

Bradley Coyne, Digital Operations, Lagerhaus

Seamless integration with loyalty systems

Sitoo cooperates with the market’s best loyalty systems, such as Voyado. With seamless integrations with loyalty systems, you can create personalized offers based on customers’ purchase histories directly in the POS.


Promotions and discounts

Sitoo can generate all kinds of promotions and discounts. Campaigns can be prioritized, timed and the customer automatically gets the best offer. With an integrated loyalty system, customer-specific offers are available directly in the point of sale.


As a retailer, you choose yourself whether Sitoo should be a “master” for campaigns or if you would rather let a different system control the campaigns and let Sitoo act as a “slave.”

Stock system tailor-made for seamless commerce

The customers can choose where and how they want to shop and how they want to have their products delivered.



FIFO multi-stock system

Sitoo has a transaction-based multi-stock system tailor-made for retailers based on the FIFO principle, which is updated in real-time.

Inventory with your phone

With Sitoo, you can manage your inventory with computer, tablet or phone. Simplified inventory gives the stores better control.

All stocks available everywhere 

Customers can pay for or reserve items online and pick them up at any store. All stocks are synchronized and available on all channels.

International and scalable

Sitoo is an international platform adapted to the GDPR and the legal requirements of different markets, such as the Swedish Cash Register Act, the Norwegian Cash Register Act and the German GoBD act. Sitoo supports various languages, currencies and methods of payment. Sitoo is used by chains with stores in Europe, the U.S. and Australia.

Reliable platform with an offline mode

Sitoo is a cloud-based service that eliminates the complexity associated with implementation and maintenance. The system operates on AWS with a high level of security, performance and redundancy. Sitoo POS is a native iOS app that even works offline. It’s built for retailers with large transaction volumes.

Easy-to-use with a powerful REST API

Sitoo has an integration interface that enables seamless integration with e-commerce, ERP, CRM and other systems. An easy-to-use and powerful REST API, which you can use any programming language with. It includes hooks and batch operations.

Upgrades at no extra cost

Sitoo is a cloud-based POS tailor-made for retail. Upgrades, product updates and new versions are included. The POS system is easy to integrate, can be implemented smoothly, and last but not least, is  simple to use.

High-quality support for the sales associates

Sitoo is a very easy-to-use system with a low learning threshold. The intuitive interface with smooth processes makes the work of the sales associates easier. If you need help, there is an expert support team available via telephone or e-mail as well as a support site with user guides.


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