Sitoo POS - The Future of Retail

Cloud-based POS system that accommodates our new ways of shopping

As a consumer today, you expect to be able to move effortlessly between the digital and physical channels. You want to be able begin your purchase online and finish in a store, or vice-versa. Sitoo offers a cloud-based point of sale system that enables a seamless omnichannel experience and accommodates customers’ new ways of shopping.



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The digitalization of retail is more than just e-commerce

E-commerce is constantly growing, and it currently comprises approximately 15% of all commerce, but the really big effect of digitalization is that we have moved traditional window shopping into our cell phones. A full 70% of all commerce is begun online and completed in a physical store, with everything from searching information to finding stores, viewing the stock status and reserving products.

Sitoo POS makes physical stores digital

Sitoo is a cloud-based point of sale system tailor-made for retail that integrates physical stores with e-commerce. Updates and new versions are included, and the system is easy to integrate, can be implemented smoothly and is simple to use.


Unified Commerce

With Sitoo POS, all stocks are accessible in all sales channels. The customers can choose where and how to shop and where and how to have their products delivered. All sales channels are connected in real-time and have identical information  – so-called “Unified Commerce.”

Mobile POS

Sitoo offers an mPOS that enable store personnel to serve customers directly in the sales dialog. With the POS as an app for the iPad or iPhone, it’s easy to increase the number of registers per store. Digital receipts and mobile payment methods open up new possibilities.


Sitoo POS system provides self-checkout, which means that the stores no longer need to lose sales due to long lines at the registers. Quick and easy for customers to shop. Store personnel can focus on helping the customers instead of manning the registers.

International and scalable

Sitoo is an international cloud-based platform built for retailers with large transaction volumes. The system is easily adapted to the legal requirements of new markets, currencies and payment methods. Sitoo POS is used by retailers with stores in Europe, the U.S. and Australia.

"“We are getting rid of our traditional cash register system, 
putting the focus on our customers and accelerating into the future! 
Customers want to avoid the register lines and 
with Sitoo POS system, our efficiency is increasing."

Caroline Hjelte, CEO of Lagerhaus

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